Firmware recovery

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If the Flipper's firmware is corrupted, the device can be restored using the built-in DFU boot loader. This bootloader can't be changed when updating the firmware, so the recovery method is suitable for such cases:

  • If the firmware is corrupted and the normal update method does not work
  • If there is no image on the screen, the device does not respond to button presses and a normal reboot does not work

The device may not work if the battery is low. Connect the device to the USB and try to charge the battery before attempting to restore the firmware.

Switching to Recovery mode (DFU)

To activate the built-in bootloader:

  1. Unplug the Flipper from the USB. If you do not disconnect the device from the power supply, the DFU mode will not activate.
  2. Press and hold the :ok: + :back: buttons for 30 seconds. Then release them. If the firmware is corrupted there will be no indication on the screen, this is normal.
  3. Connect the device to the computer. The flipper should detect as a DFU in FS Mode

How to check the connection in DFU mode

When connected to a computer in recovery mode, there will be no indication on the Flipper screen. If the device successfully enters recovery mode, it will appear in the Device Manager as DFU in FS Mode.

Windows :windows:
Linux :linux:
macOS :mac:

Check the connection in Windows:

  1. Open the Device Manager
  2. Find the device DFU in FS Mode

By default there is no driver for the Flipper DFU device in Windows, it is installed automatically when you install the qFlipper. 

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Restoring the firmware via qFlipper

The qFlipper utility automatically performs firmware recovery if it detects a Flipper connected in DFU mode.

To restore the firmware:

  1. Run the qFlipper
  2. Connect the Flipper in DFU mode. The program will automatically detect the device in recovery mode. The firmware update button will be blue
  3. Press the Repair button. The program will perform a full installation of the firmware and databases. All saved settings in the Flash memory will be cleared. The user data on the SD card will be saved
The qFlipper utility automatically detects the Flipper in DFU mode
The qFlipper utility automatically detects the Flipper in DFU mode

Updated 20 Apr 2022
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