Debug Update on Windows

How to Debug Firmware Update via qFlipper on Windows

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This is a guide for Windows users who encounter problems during the Flipper Zero firmware upgrade process. If you experience errors during the upgrade process, use this step-by-step guide to verify that your system configuration is correct.

1.Install qFlipper

Download qFlipper: Flipper Zero Firmware Update via qFlipper and install it.

2.Check Flipper driver

The Flipper can be defined in the system as two different devices:

  • COM Port (Serial) — In normal mode, when the main operating system is loaded, Flipper detects as a virtual serial port. It has VID: 0483 PID: 5740.
  • DFU Device — is a special service update mode, in which the Flipper is defined as a DFU device, and has VID: 0483 PID: DF11 the device is called DFU in FS Mode
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2.1. Check COM Port driver

  • Do not run qFlipper
  • Connect Flipper Zero to PC in normal mode (Not DFU mode). Read more about operating modes here
  • Open Device Manager and go to Ports (COM & LPT) and find Flipper Zero COM port. (Make sure that this COM device is 100% belongs to Flipper Zero. Disconnect Flipper and check that device is gone and reconnect it again)
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  • Check that driver is correct. It should be Microsoft default driver. If you see something different, delete this driver and reconnect device until you get this Microsoft driver.

2.2. Check the DFU mode driver

To reboot in DFU mode:

  1. Press :left: + :back: at the same time like a normal reboot
  2. Release :back: but don't release :left: until the blue led lights up
  3. You will see a message on the screen that DFU mode is on.
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Connect the Flipper to the PC:

  • Do not run qFlipper
  • Open Device manager and go to Universal Serial Bus driver and find DFU in FS mode
  • Check if the driver is installed correctly
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If the device is not in this section, in Device Manager open Universal Serial Bus controllers and look for STM Device in DFU mode.

If the driver is incorrect, reinstall it:

  • Uninstall qFlipper via Apps & Features.
  • Install the latest version of the program from Flipper Zero Firmware Update
  • Check if the driver is correct.

3.Check COM Ports Number Conflict

Windows have a bug when two different COM devices binds on the same port number. For example two devices both have COM3 number. If you have this issue, try to change COM port number of Flipper Zero manually:

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Go to device Properties → Port Settings → Advanced and change port number to free one:

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Updated 20 Apr 2022
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