Wi-Fi Debugger Module

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The Flipper Zero Wi-Fi Module is both a debugger and a programmer for Flipper Zero. It replaces the ST-Link debugger. It is based on the ESP32-S2 module and the open-source firmware project Black Magic Probe. It can flash and debug various microprocessors and microcontrollers (including the one used in the Flipper Zero) via Wi-Fi or USB. This module can also act as a USB-UART adapter.


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The GDB server runs on the Wi-Fi module and controls program execution on the Flipper Zero processor. It is controlled by the user on a computer connected to the module via Wi-Fi or USB.

Data exchange between the Wi-Fi module and Flipper Zero takes place via the Serial Wire Debug interface. Pins 10 - Serial Clock and 12 - Serial Wire Debug I/O on GPIO are used for this purpose.

The Wi-Fi module can be connected to your PC using two methods:

  • via USB — the module is connected to the computer using a USB type-C cable, the system recognizes the deivce as a COM port.
  • via Wi-Fi — the module broadcasts its own Wi-Fi network, to which your computer can be connected. After connecting to it, you can setup the connection to an existing Wi-Fi network.

Updated 30 Jun 2022
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