Flipper Zero control buttons
Flipper Zero control buttons

Flipper Zero is controlled by a 4-button directional pad with the ok button in the center and the back button beside it. An RGB LED provides multi-color notifications. This documentation labels each Flipper Zero button with an icon and a unique name:

  • :up: UP
  • :left: LEFT — also used for reboot
  • :right: RIGHT
  • :down: DOWN
  • :ok: ОК — also enter in the Main Menu
  • :back: BACKalso cancel, keypad unlock, power on and reboot


If the Flipper Zero firmware freezes or works incorrectly, you can reboot the device by pressing :left:LEFT + :back:BACK simultaneously. This is a hardware reboot that triggers the CPU to restart firmware. Read more about Reboot modes


Desktop — is the name of Flipper Zero's main screen, Dolphin spends most of the time on this screen. There is a status bar on the top of this screen with various notifications: battery charge gauge, SD card status, Bluetooth info etc.

From the Desktop you can directly navigate to four quick access applications:

Quick Access applications on the Desktop
Quick Access applications on the Desktop

You can only enter Quick Access Apps from the Desktop screen, the keypad must be unlocked.

  • :up:UP — The Lock menu: Lock the buttons, protect the device with a PIN code
  • :left:LEFT Launch the Favorite app
  • :right:RIGHT — Dolphin passport, shows your dolphin's name, XP and mood
  • :down:DOWNArchive with saved keys and remotes
  • :ok:OKMain Menu

Lock Menu

Lock Menu accessible from the Desktop
Lock Menu accessible from the Desktop

In the Lock menu you can lock the Flipper Zero's keypad preventing accidental button presses, set a PIN code, and enter DUMB mode. To enter the Lock menu press :up:UP on the Desktop screen.

  • LockLock the keypad to prevent accidental input
  • Set PIN Set a PIN code to unlock your Flipper Zero with
  • DUMB mode (Not implemented yet) — A mode that turns Flipper Zero into an innocent device. Only game-related functions will be available in DUMB mode.
Locking the keypad
Setting a PIN code
  1. Enter the Lock menu by pressing :up:UP on the Desktop
  2. Select Lock and press the :ok:OK button
  3. A message saying Locked will appear and the top left corner of the screen will display a 🔒 icon

To unlock the device, quickly press :back:BACK 3 times.


Archive app accessible from the Desktop
Archive app accessible from the Desktop

Archive is an application allowing quick access to your saved keys and remotes. For example, launching emulation is faster from the Archive than it is from the main menu. Besides emulating, you can rename and delete keys, and you can add any item you have to favourites in the Archive app.

All key types in the Archive app
All key types in the Archive app

Archive displays all the saved user keys, signals, remotes and scripts. Items in the Archive are sorted by protocol, with each tab containing items of a particular type. The :right: RIGHT and :left:LEFT buttons are used to navigate between tabs.

Tabs in the Archive app:

  • Favorites — pinned keys for quick access
  • Sub-GHz — radio remotes & signals in the Sub GHz range
  • RFID LF — low frequency tags RFID 125 kHz
  • NFC — high frequency 13,56 MHz tags NFC
  • Infrared — infrared remotes & signals Infrared
  • iButton — Dallas Touch Memory keys iButton
  • Bad USB — scripts for USB attacks
  • U2F — 2FA (2-Factor authentication) keys
  • Browser allows managing files in the Internal Flash memory and on the SD card

Archive context menu

NFC context menu in the Archive
NFC context menu in the Archive

Press :ok:OK to open the context menu in the Archive:

  1. Run in app launches emulation, same as selecting "Emulate" from the original application's menu
  2. Pin — adds the selected item to the Favorites tab for quick access
  3. Rename changes the name of the file
  4. Delete — deletes the file from your device

Favorite App

Favorite App accessible from the Desktop
Favorite App accessible from the Desktop

The Favorite App feature allows you to set any app for quick access right from the Desktop. For example, you can set the NFC app as favorite and now you won't need to look for it in the Main Menu each time you want to read a card. Pressing the :left:LEFT button while on the Desktop launches the Favorite App.

You can select the favorite app in the Settings menu: Main Menu → Settings → Desktop → Favorite App

Main Menu

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All Flipper Zero apps are available from the Main Menu. Press :ok:OK while on the Desktop to enter the Main Menu.

Updated 02 Aug 2022
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