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Device Features

The device is able to detect a large number of known transmission protocols. For unprotected keys the possibility of saving and playback is available. Working with known signals is described in the section: Read.

There are keys that work on protocols that are not known to Flipper yet. Such keys can be recorded in raw form, saved and replayed in Read RAW. To speed up the addition of key support, you can leave the necessary information on the forum.

To identify the operating frequency of the transmitter in the Flipper there is a Frequency Analyzer .

Operating frequencies

The Flipper has a TI CC1101 sub-GHz chip designed to read and send radio signals. It supports both transmitting and receiving digital signals on 3 frequency bands: 300-348 MHz, 387-464 MHz, 779-928 MHz Information about the characteristics and features of the chip is available in Datasheet

Three antenna matching paths are used for hardware support of operating frequencies. Each matching path has its own characteristic, and guarantees operation at the programmatically available frequencies.

Chip operating frequencies TI CC1101 [MHz]

Frequencies available in the firmware [MHz]


300; 303.875; 304.250; 315; 318; 390


418; 433.075; 433.420; 433.920; 434.420; 434.775; 438.900


868.350; 915; 925

Updated 24 Jun 2022
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