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Flipper firmware is updated regularly. We work to ensure that the device runs smoothly. In rare cases, users encounter hang-ups and bugs while working with Flipper. This is normal. To restore the operation of the device, perform a reboot.

Normal reboot

The key combination :left: + :back: hardware restarts the processor and performs a normal reboot. Even when the operating system does not respond, the hardware restart will still work.

Recovery mode (DFU)

In this mode, Flipper activates the bootloader and is detected in the computer as a DFU device. When the firmware is updated, Flipper enters recovery mode on its own. To exit this mode, perform a reboot.

To reboot to DFU mode:

  1. Press :left: + :back: at the same time like a normal reboot
  2. Release :back: but don't release :left: until the blue led lights up
  3. You will see a message on the screen that DFU mode is on.
  4. Rebuild firmware according to instructions: Firmware recovery

Full recovery mode

If the bootloader is damaged, rebooting to update mode will not work. There will be no image on the Flipper screen and the status LED will not work. In this case, only the full recovery mode will help to restore the device.

To activate full recovery mode:

  1. Disconnect the Flipper from the USB
  2. Press and hold the :ok: + :back: button for 30 seconds
  3. Connect the device to your computer
  4. Restore the firmware according to the instructions: Firmware recovery

To find out how the Flipper boot process works, see the boot steps (todo)

Reboot from the menu

You can restart the Flipper from the menu, which can be useful when working through the qFlipper.

To restart from the menu:

  1. Open menu :ok:
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Power
  4. Select Reboot
  5. Select Flipper OS

Reboot from the console

The flipper can be reboot via Command Line Interface

To perform a reboot via the console:

  1. Connect the Flipper to the PC
  2. Open Putty
  3. Connect to the Flipper COM port at 115200 bauds
  4. Enter the reboot command and press Enter.

After the reboot, the message about loss of connection will appear.

Updated 02 Aug 2022
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