The read mode is designed to work with signals known to Flipper. In this mode, the keys will be accepted by the device and automatically decrypted.

1. Receiving signal in scan mode

When you enter this mode, the Flipper immediately starts scanning with the standard settings. The default setting is 433.92 MHz, AM modulation and 650kHz channel width.

2. Selecting the scanning frequency

If you know what frequency the remote control works on, change the settings to receive it. To do this:

  • Press :left:
  • Select Frequency
  • Use the :left: and :right: arrows to select the desired frequency
  • Press :back: to return

3. Hopping mode

To receive a signal on an unknown frequency, use the Hopping mode. In this mode Flipper switches very quickly between the available frequencies and measures the signal level.

These frequencies are currently being scanned: 315, 318, 390, 433.92, 868.35 MHz. Over time, the list may increase.

When the signal level exceeds -90dbi, the Hopping stops and the Flipper receives a signal on that frequency for one second. Then switching between frequencies resumes.

To turn on the mode Hopping:

  1. On the scan screen, tap :left:
  2. Select Hopping
  3. Press :right:

4. Selecting modulation and channel width

If the device cannot intercept the signal, it may be using a protocol that is unknown to Flipper. Some remotes work with a different modulation, try changing it in the settings: Modulation

The Flipper supports AM and FM modulation. You can select different modulation options and channel widths from those available:

  • AM270
  • AM650
  • FM238
  • FM476

AM650 modulation is selected by default, to change:

  1. Press :left:
  2. Go to Modulation
  3. Use :left: and :right: to change the modulation
  4. Press :back: to return to the scan screen

5. Saving the signal

Flipper can only store and play signals with static code. These signals are indicated by a crossed out lock.

To save the signal:

  1. Choose it from the list
  2. Press :ok:
  3. Check the key by pressing :ok:
  4. Press :right: to save
  5. Enter a name and press :ok:

Saved keys can be opened in the Sub-GHz → Saved and via the quick launch Archive from the main screen.

6. Playback signal

Flipper can play any stored signal that is recorded on a frequency that is allowed in your country. Information on authorized frequencies is available here: Frequencies

Updated 05 Apr 2022
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