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Flipper Zero firmware is in beta and is improving every day. Therefore, it is important to constantly update the firmware on your device. 

Installing the qFlipper

  • Download the program from the website Flipper Zero Update Page.
  • Download the installation file for your operating system. (supported versions Windows 10 и 11).
  • Run the installation file and follow the instructions.
qFlipper download page
qFlipper download page

Firmware update in qFlipper

The flashing process is automatic, the qFlipper program itself backs up the data from the device before the update.

Firmware update channels

To select the update channel in the qFlipper:

  1. Click on the icon 🔧
  2. Select the desired version in the FIRMWARE UPDATE CHANNEL section
Selecting a firmware branch in the qFlipper program
Selecting a firmware branch in the qFlipper program

The qFlipper program has three channels for firmware updates:

  1. RELEASE - main update channel, firmware is fully tested. Recommended for installation.
  2. RELEASE-CANDIDATE - Pre-release versions of the firmware, have a small number of bugs.
  3. DEVELOPMENT - Developer firmware versions. They test new features, so they may contain many bugs and corrupt data on your device. Recommended only for experienced users.

Updating the device

To update the firmware:

  1. Run the qFlipper
  2. Connect the device via USB
  3. Press the INSTALL button (the button is active if there are firmware updates).
The qFlipper window
The qFlipper window

When the installation is complete, press CONTINUE.

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Updated 04 May 2022
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