Read RAW

Flipper is able to record the signal in Sub-GHz in raw form, for later playback and analysis. You can use this function if the signal is not yet supported by the current firmware version.

1. Detecting the signal frequency

Before recording a signal it is necessary to determine its frequency correctly.

  1. Open Sub-GHz
  2. Select Frequency Analyzer
  3. Press and hold the button on the remote control until the signal frequency appears on the screen.

2. Selecting the modulation

To record the signal correctly, you must select the correct signal modulation. Detailed information is available here: Modulation

The flipper supports AM and FM modulation. You can choose from four modulation and channel width options:

  • AM270
  • AM650
  • FM238
  • FM476

AM650 modulation is selected by default, to change it:

  1. Press :left:
  2. Go to Modulation
  3. Use :left: and :right: to change the modulation
  4. Press :back: to return to the scan screen

3. RAW recording and playback

Flipper can store signals on supported Frequencies.

Recording RAW signal

  1. Open Sub-GHz
  2. Select Read RAW
  3. Press :ok: to start recording
  4. Press the button on the remote control
  5. Press :ok: to stop recording
  6. Press :left: to delete an entry, :right: to save, and :ok: to check

Playing a saved RAW signal

  1. Open Sub-GHz
  2. Select Saved
  3. Select a saved signal
  4. Press :ok: to play the signal

Updated 05 Apr 2022
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